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    Planning a trip to the Sunshine State but can’t decide between beaches or theme parks?

    Torn between surfing on the Atlantic Coast and fishing on the Gulf Coast? Wondering what there is to do near your secluded, romantic bed and breakfast? VISIT FLORIDA’S interactive map of Florida before you travel is a helpful starting point.

    Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway, a spring break jaunt or a summer road trip, you’ll never run out of things to do in Florida, a state packed with nature trails, parks, boating docks, roller coaster rides, museums and more.

    Many visitors have a starting point in mind – say, Daytona Beach or St. Augustine – but then get curious about what there is to explore nearby, which is where our Florida map comes in handy. Others have a general activity they like to do while traveling, such as camping or trying unique restaurants, and want to know exactly where the best Florida destinations are before booking a ticket or hitting the road. And speaking of roads, a trip from the top of the peninsula to the southernmost point is doable in a day or two. But why rush when you can take time to discover some of Florida’s hidden gems, weird roadside attractions, quirky beach towns, outdoor art festivals and wildlife rescue sanctuaries?

    Check out some of the small-town, family-friendly events going on within an hour or two’s drive from Jacksonville, Orlando or Miami using our map of Florida. Or hit some of the best campsites in north Florida, coolest natural springs in central Florida or most popular outlet malls among true bargain hunters in South Florida.

    Browse the Florida map and take a detour off of Interstate 4 to check out some odd museums and parks, or break off from I-75 to do some nature hiking or wine tasting. Relax on a front-porch rocking chair and try fresh citrus juices at the Grove House in Lake Wales or make a day trip out of a stopover in beautiful Naples or the laid back New Smyrna Beach.

    If you’re anywhere near the Everglades, swing over to Billie Swamp Safari on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, where you can learn the history of the Seminole Tribe or sample frog legs or alligator tail at the Swamp Water Café. It’s easy to hunt down some of the lesser known but most memorable Florida destinations by doing a little bit of map-scanning before you travel. Even the best laid plans should leave room for spontaneous adventure.